Pro Stadium Series Stainless Steel

Pro Stadium Series Stainless Steel

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State of the art indoor / outdoor food prep work center, its unusual, highly functional design makes it a self-contained rolling work station. For starters, its worktop is a hefty thick, end-grain style butcher block. End-grain blocks are extra-tough because their surfaces are made up of the wood fibers found at the cut ends of wood boards. These fibers are tough, but forgiving. When you thrust a sharp knife blade at an end-grain surface, the wood’s fibers absorb the blade, rather than resist it. Plus they do less damage to the sharp edges that assault them. That’s why end-grain boards are typically used as chopping blocks. They make great surfaces for heavy pounding and chopping and are less prone to suffer nicks and gouges. Just as obviousness and as utilitarian is this cart’s unique ingredient handling system.



    • 2 Large shelves, oversized towel bar with 4 “s” hooks, a speed rack for holding ingredients, 4 commercial grade casters (2 locking) included
    • Chop and drop system of food handling. Which allows for the sanitary collection of juices, the easy collection of prepared foods, easy disposal of waste, and effortless clean up. This system features a juice groove on the cutting surface, to collect juices and direct their flow to the “pig snout” (a cut out in the work surface). Stainless steel chef pan fits snuggly below the “pig snout” to collect the juices or cut product

    Product Details

    • Base Material: Stainless steel
    • Counter Material: Butcher block; Solid Wood
    • Wheels: Yes
    • Assembly Required: Yes
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